Tuesday, 15 June 2010

SEX AND THE CITY 3 - The only logical sequel

It would be too easy to criticize a film that is a simple show off of all the billions collected in recent years thanks to six very successful seasons and an equally engaging sequel. Rivers of ink have already been poured to trash it, I don't want to add more.

That's why I decided to imagine another sequel, a SEX AND THE CITY 3, which now seems the only natural consequence of the recent number 2.

In fact during this second movie we are already warned that sooner or later the topic of motherhood will be touched by the couple Carrie-Mr. Big and that the luxurious apartment (that would sleep 25 let me remind you) will soon be invaded by screaming creatures.

In the third chapter Carrie changes her mind. She realizes that a child is absolutely necessary to ensure that her collection of haut couture, packed on more layers inside a walking closet that's as big as my house, does not become part of the Salvation Army 2030 collection.

In the opening scene we see Carrie enter the dressing room and talk to a pair of Manolo Blahnik that beg her to reconsider her views on childbirth or at least ensure a future on the feet of an Upper East Side resident.

Carrie is undecided. The thought that a child can reduce her skirts the way Charlotte's children did to their mom's upsets her much. But it is Mr. Big who swaps on the fatherly side once he realises the world is in desperate need of another creature with a massive head just like his.

The problem is that in the third chapter Carrie is about 50, which means Samantha is bound to be turning 60 soon.

The artificial insemination seems to be the only solution. Charlotte give her best to persuade Carrie to undergo such harsh treatments by trying to sell her her children or then at least take them for free. Carrie refuses since the babies, after 10 years, are still crying.

Samantha is not Samantha anymore. Of the one we knew not even a hair is left. Everything has now been replaced by implants 
previously belonged to Asian girls bought on the black market. To ensure that she would continue to "feel something down there" she has installed a powerful electronic device that can be activated via SMS. 

Miranda is the only one leading a quiet life, still in love with Steve, happy to be in Brooklyn and at peace with her body and her taste for sober clothing. In the third chapter Miranda finally realises she has nothing in common with her friends.

Charlotte does not want to hear about children anymore. After the outburst in Abu Dhabi with Miranda she is no longer able to play the loving mother's role. Her daughters brought her to alcoholism and we witness the rehab at a center where she sees again all her former lovers.

Clothes for the third volume have kindly been offered by the Michael Jakcson Foundation who decided to sponsor the entire production after they saw Samantha's red dress from the second movie with the silver spikes on the shoulders.

Just for a change in Sex and the City 3 the girls visit TokyoMiranda goes around repeating Konichiwa and Samantha complains about the size of the penises of the Japanese people. Charlotte is the organizer of the transfer (anything to get away from her family) and that's where Carrie receives Big's call who begs her to proliferate.


P.s.: I can easily imagine number 4: Sex and the Viagra.

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