Monday, 10 January 2011

DEXTER - I am Dexter

I am DexterI feel the need to kill. I remain still at night to catch my victim by surprise. Waiting for the right moment. I avoid any noise. I approach slowly, in the light as in the dark. My weapon is heavy and can strike from a distance.

I am Dexter. I do not stop until I see the red fluid splashed on the wall, on the pillow, on the furniture. I need blood as the victim needs that of others.

I am Dexter, I strike upon those who have struck. My revenge is inevitable. It lands on those who offend with the anger of those who have suffered. I cannot rest until I achieve my goal. I spend sleepless nights to avenge myself and others.

Like Dexter, I erase all traces of my crime. I do not leave anything behind and act in absolute secrecy.

My name is Dexter, and I will not find peace until I get them all extincted, those damn mosquitoes!

P. S.: Last night, January 10, 2010 - Barcelona - Spain, I killed three of the local mosquitoes.

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