Monday, 8 March 2010

THE HURT LOCKER - Revolutionary Academy Awards

Just like at the movies. On 8 March women win. Deservingly.
15 years have gone by since I last did an allnighter to watch the Oscars. Last night I was unable to sleep and I repeated the old script: tracksuit, a blanket, a cup of tea and Sky (Tele + for us Italians at the time) tuned on the Academy Award Ceremony, now at its 82nd edition.

Nothing new this year. All prizes were awarded as predicted. The real surprise for me was to see the heroine of the evening. No, I am not referring to drugs or giant women with blue USB tails but to the award-winning film director Kathryn Bigelow. I had never seen Kathryn. But I had always imagined her: strong, muscular, dynamic, policeman inside and definitely black. Like the character played by Angela Bassett in her excellent "Strange Days" (1995).

But the very pale Bigelow, tall as a Na'vi (population of Pandora's world ... for those who had managed to escape the vision of "Avatar"), elegant and beautiful with all her 59 years of age, looking 40, is not at all as I had thought until last night.
It was probably her weak spot for action scenes, for the military, for races of surfers/thieves/con artists (see "Point Break", 1991), for the apocalyptic scenarios, in short, for those worlds that usually smell of male and muscles , that made me think of an unfeminine woman.
Bigelow takes home the Oscar for best director ("The Hurt Locker," about bomb disposal experts in Iraq and their dependence on adrenalin, addiction they obviously share with the director judging by her films). First woman in history to win the coveted statuette, she also gets one for best picture (and what a picture!) and her boyfriend Mark Boal wins for best original screenplay (for the same movie).
All in the family when one considers that her most likely contender for the awards was the ex-husband James Cameron, whose naive "Avatar" is fortunately only comforted by the well-deserved Oscars for special effects and similars.
A simple but fair ceremony this one of 2010 with awards given out to non commercial movies. A woman went home with hands full of golden men as did many black artists for stories about the difficulties of being African American in the States.
In the era of Obama everything seems possible. 
Just one more gay side to this all and it's a Bingo!!

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